American Journal of Advances in Medical Science

American Journal of Advances in Medical Science is an an open access, peer reviewed quarterly  journal aimed to publish original research articles, short communications, case reports and review articles in various specializations of medical and allied science. 

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Vol-3: No-1: 2015 

  • Case series of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease - Under Review 
  • The Surgical Apgar Score: A quality improvement tool - Under Review 
  • A Prosthodontist: Boon for a Person to Enhance of their Esthetic, Who Lost their Eye – A Case Report - Under Review 
  • Fruits and vegetables consumption pattern as a risk factor for NCDs in a rural population of India - Under Review 
  • New Method (Triangle Manual Method ) for Volumetric Brain Tumor Measurements - Under Review 
  • Comparative evaluation of early ambulation with delayed ambulation on postdural puncture headache - Under Review 
  • Quality of life in elderly cancer patients : A hospital based study - Under Review 
  • Predictors of Quality of life in elderly with diabetes : A hospital based study - Under Review
  • An ultrastructral study of epidermal dendritic cells in mole rats (Spalax leucodon)- Under Review 
  • Case report on Vivax Malaria with spleenic abcess and symmetrical gangrene- Under Review 
  • A Study Related to Effects of Job Stress on Health of Traffic Police Personnel of Ahmedabad City, Gujarat, India- Under Review 
  • Prevalence and Survival of Escherichia coli 0157:H7 and Salmonella Spp. in Surface Water- Under Review 
  • Note on usefulness of Stem cells in pediatric dentistry - Accepted for Publication 
  • Talon’s Cusp as an etiological factor for malocclusion:A Case Report Accepted for Publication