American Journal of Advances in Medical Science

Peer Review Policy

Peer review is the process of subjecting manuscripts to the scrutiny by the experts in the same field, prior to publication in a journal. As it is difficult for authors and researchers, whether individually or in a team, to spot mistake or flaw in a complicated piece of work, journals prefer peer review process in publication process. Therefore, it is assumed that peer review process will assist in identifying and correcting the probable weakness in the submitted article 

What are the benefits of peer review?

  • The author will receive constructive feedback from experts in the field.
  • The process will assist authors to rectify the errors or gaps which might have appeared in the article.
  • It can assist the authors to make their paper more applicable to the journal readership.

We at HSJ Publishers follow single-blind peer review. A single-blind peer review keeps the identity of the reviewer anonymous. It is believed that reviewer anonymity may allow for impartial decisions free from influence by the author.



  • HSJ Publishers peer review policy states NO manuscripts should not be rejected only on the basis of ‘lack of Novelty’  provided the manuscript is scientifically sound.
  • The decision whether or not to publish a scholarly article, or what should be modified before publication, lies with the editor of the journal to which the manuscript has been submitted.